Brotherhood of Street Racers Post Board Re: Back to the topic Posted by slowjavelin on 6/27/2006, 11:34 pm, in reply to "Re: Back to the topic" I am one of those trusting kind of guys. Everybody knows my car will run 9.60's on a good day. What are you comfortable offering. I don't lie , cheat or steal, I just want a fair race. If we race and you embarass me, it will be the last time we race. I want both of us to have to earn the win. I have no clue how fast your car is, so you need to make the offer. I do consider a 10.5W x 33 or 10.5W x 31 a "Big Tire" when its on a big rim and the car is Tubbed. I was told that is what kind of tire you run. I have a 13.50 x 30.0 ET Streets on a 10.0 rim, so you are way ahead of me in tire alone, not to mention a motor that is somewhere between 396 and 800 cubic inches. Mine is a little 406 with 25 year old Brodix Nascar heads. Posted by slowjavelin on 6/29/2006, 9:28 am, in reply to "Re: Back to the topic" My car is NOT mini tbbed. It has 30 year old leaf springs with Cal Tracs bars and Rancho shocks. You have a back halved car with a ladder bar or 4 link and a big inch Rat Motor in a lighter car. I don't see how head up is fair no matter what. If alcohol is a power added than somebody needs to make a 26 horsepower nitrous unit and see if anyone buys it, because that is all the alcohol gave me over a single carb on Gasoline. It would be a waste of time for me to race a car like yours, you have me beat from start to finish. How about this. I will run 20% nitro and race you head up, with you on the motor. Nitro IS a power adder thats worth more than 26 friggin HP.